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Alice's Mom's Rescue - CD

Alice's Mom's Rescue - CD

Price: 21.00

Summary: Alice's Mom's Rescue is the new classic 2D Platformer!

The giant raven has captured Alice's mother. Help Alice save her mother through 3 worlds and 25 levels!

Change Alice's height by jumping on the magic mushrooms to get through the tiny spaces. But be aware that a small size affects her physical abilities!

Solve puzzles, beware of the evil cats, birds, bats and spikes, and find the right path to victory.

Game Features:

-3 Worlds

-25 Stages

-Nice Pixel Art Graphics

-Challenging Gameplay

Elansar - CD

Elansar - CD


Price: 21.00

Elansar is a point & click adventure game.The premise of the game is to explore an island and solve puzzles. Will you uncover the Island's mystery ?

The game is available in English, French, German and Spanish language !

This new CD version of Elansar now include improved graphics and Full motion videos !

Frog Feast

Frog Feast

Price: 25.00

Steroids? We don't need no stinking steroids!

Frog Feast: for the Jaguar CD takes competitve gaming to the next level. You will jump to dizzying heoghts, go head to head or a single fly and, stetch your tongue beyond all limits. the only thing you won't be able to do is enhance your performance beyond all limits with steroids.

Run....no...jump for the controller, if you think you can handle the competition.

The CD is fully encrypted and runs on any stock Jaguar with CD player.

Impulse X - CD version

Impulse X - CD version


Price: 24.00

Does anyone remember Arkanoid, or Impulse on the Atari ST/STE? Well now meet Impulse X.

Basically the goal of the game is to destroy all bricks using a bat and ball in each of the playfields. There are 40 to start with. So far so good. So predictable you may think but now check this out.

You can control the bat with the usual Jagpad or ProController, also Rotary Controller and now supported and for those who want too you can use a digital mouse. I think this is a first for the Jaguar.

You remember I said 40 playable fields? Well you can create your own playing fields using the built in level editor and using webcodes supplied for your Top Ten scores compete on High Score Tables with other players.

A few other options;

" Userdesigned levels can be stored in Memory Tracks

" Highscore can be stored on Memory Tracks

" A BJL Loader is included allowing download of RAM based Jaguar programs via the PC to your Jaguar

Obviously the Cable and Memory Track not included.

So as you guessed from above the game is on CD, but fear not Cartridge only players a Cartridge version will be available in a couple of weeks. I will let you know when I get them.

Mathias Domin has worked extremely hard on this, you get a CD Box with a Full Colour Manual, Impulse X Poster on which you can record your score on the reverse and a Colour printed CD. The presentation shows the amount of thought and care that has gone into this game. In the manual are pin outs for the BJL cable, mouse or Rotatry Joystick ports. This product oozes dedication to bringing you an addition to your collection be proud of.

Something of interest for you computer music fans, there is a note inside each box promoting "505" who did the music for Impulse X, including their websites well worth checking out.

Iron Soldier 2

Iron Soldier 2


Price: 49.99

Pilot your 42 foot mech robot through 20 new missions against the evil Penta Forces.

Dramatically enhanced 3D graphics create a virtual battlefield with war waged in all 360 degrees. Outfit your Iron Soldier with combinations of 12 weapon systems and begin your fight.

With full motion videos, driving soundtrack and realistic SFX in stereo or surround, this product will set new standards for your gaming experience.

Publisher: Telegames

Philia - CD

Philia - CD

Price: 15.00

Elina's husband is now in danger !

Will you help her to rescue him through Elina's subconscious mysteries ?Philia is a point & click adventure game, the sequel to Elansar.Explore three worlds and solve over 15 puzzles by trying to understand how they work.

The game is available in English and French.

This is a professionally pressed CD, inside a standard clear plastic DVD box with a nice color cover and a 4 pages manual including instructions + hints & tips ! (see photo below)

A Memory Track cartridge is Required to save your progress in the game !

Protector:Resurgance - CD version

Protector:Resurgance - CD version

Price: 34.00

Invaders have jammed our newly deployed missile silos, meteor storms strike at will, and scouting reports indicate the deadly Vorton obliterates everything in its path. Will you be the next PROTECTOR?

RESURGENCE is an expansion CD for your Protector SE cartridge. It builds on the fan-favourite Protector SE, and adds even more content and challenges. Because this is an expansion CD and not a full game, a Protector SE cartridge is required to play this CD on the Jaguar 64-bit interactive multimedia system.


24 new waves, including 12 standard waves and 12 expert waves

New galaxy and ground graphics specially optimized for the Protector SE engine

Easier gameplay ramp for the first few waves

New player ship animation and gameplay attributes

New music

New enemies, including two flavours of missile silos and the deadly Vorton boss

Robinson Requiem CD

Robinson Requiem CD


Price: 47.00

Thanks to Songbird we now have Robinsons Requiem. (Thanks Carl).

The action unfolds in the middle of the twenty-second century, at a time when the Earth and some of its colonized planets are already over-populated. Robinson is the nickname given to members of AWE - Alien World Exploration - a military body whose task it is to explore totally unknown planets.

You are a Robinson. Your last mission takes you to an uncharted planet where something goes horribly wrong. Now you must survive the harsh environment and somehow make your way... home.


Fully explorable 3D environment encompassing 3 square miles

Rendered and live actor video sequences

Dozens of items to collect, use, and build

Sesame mini-computer which tracks your health vitals and maps the area around you

Memory Track support for saved games

Also as a added extra, I will include an original white "Awe" book that cames with the Falcon/PC Game

Produced by Songbird.

Space Ace

Space Ace

Price: 29.00

Sealed in shrinkwrap, so being sold as new, i.e nobody has opened or used this game. A collectors item.

The evil commander Borf has kidnapped Ace's girlfriend, the beautiful Kimberely, and is plotting to enslave earth using his dreaded "Infanto Ray." A weapon that changes everone it blasts into a helpless baby.

Armed with only a laser gun, Ace must find and destroy the infanto ray, rescue Kimberely and save earth.

All in a day's work for a Superhero, right?

Featuring full screen animation and crisp, powerful sound from the original laser disk arcade classic. Space Ace delivers arcade action at it's most addictive.

Jewel Case version Only

Yopaz Icestar - CD

Yopaz Icestar - CD


Price: 21.00

You play as a little character named Yopaz and you must collect all the stars in the universe,

but the vacuum of space forces you to slide indefinitely when you run in one direction.

Only an ice wall will stop you in your tracks!

With this unusual constraint, you will need to collect all stars on each level.

This puzzle game features 40 levels in 3 worlds, local highscore to beat the best time with your friends and Infinite levels possibility using the built in Level Editor !

The world "Advanced" provides additional features for seasoned players.

You will be able to change your color and collect stars of the corresponding color!

Your color will also allow you to go through teleporters, direction changers, or even protect you from enemies!

The game is available in English and French !

This is a professionally burned and printed CD-R, inside a standard black plastic DVD box with a nice color cover and a 4 pages manual including instructions ! (see photo below)

A Memory Track cartridge is recommended to save your highscores and custom levels !

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