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All Software supplied via this site is original with original manuals.

Website Additions and Changes:

30 June 2016 - 16/32 Systems is now offically closed, I would like to thank you all for your support in the past and wish you well in your collecting for the future.

The website will stay up, untill taken down from provider - if you see anything of interest please mail me direct at nick@1632systems.co.uk - please do not place orders on the website.

Any excess stock I have will be disposed of via ebay, private deals ect


17 April 2016 - It is with great personal regret and sadness I must announce that 16/32 Systems (my retro hobby) will be closing down, the last day of trading will be the 19 June 2016. All orders placed by that date and still outstanding will be fulfilled.

I have been involved in the Atari scene since the 90's when I sold my Spectrum with Opus Disk Drive at the Royal Victoria Halls in Westminster to buy my first ST. I have never regretted that decision, all the people I have met, all the deals I have done and the Shows and events I have been involved with are all part of my history.

Thank you.


16 April 2016 - More Housekeeping on website!! - Atari ST games combined<</span>>!!

16 January 2016 - Housekeeping on website

Start of clearing out of software and other stock as I need to reduce the ammount of time I spend on this hobby, and normal work intervenes.

29 November 2015 - Limited stocks of Songbird's Hyperforce now in stock.

20 November 2015 - Good News is that all unshrinkwrapped Jaguar and Lynx games now come in "SnugFit" plastic protection boxes, these will keep them clean and protected and part of your collection. New stocks of Jaguar CD's - Protector: Resurgance, Frog Feast, Impulse X and Double Feature. New stocks of Jaguar cartridge games - Soccer Kid, Total Carnage, Protector:Special Edition and Phase Zero

24 October 2015 - Alice's Mom's rescue for Atari jaguar now in stock.

24 September 2015 - New stocks for Iron Soldier-jaguar, california games, Armor Ambush and Centipede for 2600 PAL systems.

13 September 2015 - Start of merging of Atari games so all titles can be found easily.

08 Feburary 2015 - Price reduction on Jaguar CD Philia, now only £15 also freebie with Lynx Flashback cart, a Japanese Slideshow.

25 January 2015 - More added to Lynx - Pre-Owned, unboxed and Homebrew.

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